A Friendly Multi-Gaming Community

About us

Welcome to the OOClan Website!
So you're probably asking yourself, What is OOClan?
Well you came to the right place!
OOClan is a gaming clan/community created in 2011 that used to specifically game in Modded Minecraft, and most of its members consist of people who play Modded Minecraft or who actually develop mods themselves.

Since time has gone by and more people have joined, it became more of a place to hang out and have "clan/community" games with everybody getting involved.

Since then we have tried to expand on that, trying to make the OOClan a multi-game friendly environment that will include tournaments per game to create an inter-competitive spirit within the clan/community!

How to Apply:

Want to be part of the OOClan family? Send us an email by clicking the "Apply Today" button at the top of this page and we will tell how to get the process started on joining or if you have any general enquiries about the clan!